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You do not get these massages from your partner

For everyone who doesn’t know - stress at work, in the family and during leisure time. The pressure to succeed is now expressed in all situations. With our relaxing massages, you can get away from daily working life and ease any tension you may have. With the use of fragrant, very high quality herbal or fruit oils, your skin receives a treatment of extra care.

All massages are for relaxation and health. Please advise us of any restrictions, illness or pregnancy before any applications. All applications are by appointment only. Contact us!
We look forward to greeting you.

Honey massage

Enjoy a soothing honey massage and feel the healing power of honey.
Honey massage increases blood flow in the skin, muscles and organs,
improves the body's supply of oxygen and essential nutrients and alters the blood count positively.

60 minutes, rate: 60,00 €

LomiLomi Nui

The Hawaiian full body massage with warm oil relaxes body and Soul
at the same time. Lomi Lomi Nui is part of traditional medicine in
Hawai, breaks down barriers and provides the harmony in the body

90 minutes, rate: 80,00 €

Foot Relaxation Massage

Ridding your feet from the stress of everyday life. Give them a
relaxing break at a pleasantly relaxing foot relaxing massage.

45 minutes, rate: 45,00 €


Ili Ili Wela

Treat your body and your soul a break. The hot stone massage is a fascinating combination of massage, energy work and the beneficent
effect of hot stones.

75 minutes, rate: 70,00 €

Aromatic oil massage

Delicate fragrances caress your senses, a soothing massage indulges you giving you soft hands that relax the body and soul.
You can choose between “Relaxing” for relaxation and recreation, “Energizing” for breathing new life and vitality or “Balancing” for inner
peace and harmony.

60 minutes, rate: 60,00 €

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